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Water Damage Services

Don’t waste precious time wondering what to do if water damage hurts your home or commercial property. At Encino Water Damage we are prepared to offer a free consultation with your phone call and the fastest response time in the area. Encino residents agree, we are your no. 1 water damage partner!

Water spreads silently, seeping beneath floorboards, behind drywall and even damaging neighboring property in some cases. We use industrial sized fans, air blowers, vacuums and infra-red cameras to remove, dry and locate water, concealed and standing.

Our cold water extraction technique will remove all standing water from your home or commercial property quickly and efficiently to avoid intrusive restoration procedures.

Our Services:

  • Cold water extraction & Sewage removal
  • Carpet cleaning and in place drying
  • odor removal, sanitization and mold prevention
  • Off site storage & waste disposal service
  • We will assess the damage to your property, and come up with a budget and custom restoration plan to avoid costly prices. We also offer direct insurance billing, all the time. We want to get you the best coverage possible. Don’t let insurance companies skimp on reimbursing you during a water damage disaster. We really want to prevent all these, we created special emergency services that are available 24/7, day and night, with just a simple phone call at 818-646-7335.

    Common Water Damage Issues:

    • Washer Overflows
    • Pipe Bursts
    • Bathroom Overflows
    • Roof Leaks
    • Seasonal Floods
    • Fire Sprinkler Damages
    • Sewer Backup
    • Water Abatements
    • Refrigerators Leaking
    • Leaking Toilets

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