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Before actual starting any restoration procedures, we first evaluate the extent of your damage. By doing this, we also spot the root of your water problem and identify all areas touched by water. Only after having this overview we are able to choose the proper equipment and solutions for completing our task fast and effective.

When large scale water issues occur it is more likely to have several areas affected by it. Because water damages can spread so fast, we first isolate the primary area of the incident and then take any necessary measures to prevent secondary harm. Focusing on saving as more of your belongings as possible, we will offer you off-site storage for any of them that can still be restored after facing this water incident.

We have a dedicated team for all cold water extraction jobs, that gathers skilled technicians and truck mounted equipment for a successful and rapid removal of all water from your location.

Our in-place drying technology has gained us a great reputation among our clients for the non-intrusive approach and lack of extra mess. Its highly-efficient results are obtained through the use of inject-dry air movers that absorb all moisture from carpets, furniture and other porous surfaces real quick.

When all water is eliminated, the residues it leaves behind come to the surface, accompanied by unwanted odors. With our earth-friendly sprays and solutions we manage to freshen up the area and improve the air’s quality bringing your location back to its ideal state before the disaster.

During a water damage restoration procedure we pay great attention to the way the environment reacts to our technologies and solutions. Therefore, we constantly measure the air’s temperature, the level of humidity and the moisture content in order to evaluate the well-going of our task.

Insurance Claim
We do not limit our help to performing these steps, but go even further and handle the entire insurance claim process for you. We work with all insurance companies and discuss directly to your adjust agent to obtain the maximum coverage for your loss. To help even more, we offer you a $500 deductible rebate to use in such cases and provide full reports regarding your damage and the budget and time needed for a complete restoration.

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