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Fire Sprinkler Damage

When you notice fire sprinklers activating accidentally in your home or commercial property report this issue to the manufacturer immediately! If water damage results, then contacting Encino Water Damage is your first step to restoring the damage done. When water accumulates it seeps into floorboards, drywall and other weak points in buildings’ foundations. This can cause serious damage and if not taken care of, can become permanent.

We will take care of the mess with efficiency and professionalism. Keep in mind, the sooner you contact us the sooner you can get back on track. Keep calm and allow us to deal with the situation in a timely manner.

Common Causes of Fire Sprinkler Damage:

• Overheating
• Corrosion
• Mechanical Damage
• Manufacturing defect
• Installation flaw

Separating Fact from Fiction: Informing you about the dangers of accidental fire sprinkler activation and how you can keep your property safe! 

  • Despite being the single most effective source to dispel fire damage to your home, unexpected activation does occur, and causes significant damage to your property and belongings
  • Good news, the entire system will not activate if one malfunctions, which will save you from a totality of damage in your home
  • Water damage due to accidental activation will be less severe than fire damage, but when it does happen it will be annoying and time consuming for you to clean up
  • The most common causes of fire sprinkler damage are overheating, freezing, mechanical damage, corrosion and deliberate sabotage
  • When replacing your fire sprinkler system, salvage all parts necessary, observe surroundings and check installation flaws if any can be seen. This will help your technician decide what the best course of action, either replacement or repair

Rest assured, Encino Water Damage is here to help you no matter how severe or limited the damage might be, we are here to help you 24 hours 7 days a week! Contact us by phone at (818) 646-7335 or find us at our location 17547 Ventura Blvd., #115


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