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Fire Damage Restoration

If you have recently been in a fire accident and are here looking for someone who can take proper care of the damage, you are at the right place. You have made the right decision to call an expert to restore the fire damage because unlike what most people think, fire and water damage cannot be handled by everyone. The process is immensely technical and requires specific machinery and technicians who are aware of what they are doing. At Encino Fire Damage Restoration department, we provide both key features to restore your property. The use of modern equipment for smoke, ashes and water cleanup warrants an efficient delivery of work.

We work in collaboration with all big insurance companies and so you don’t need to worry about the restoration cost being too heavy on your pocket. We offer pocket friendly packages for our customers because the damage done by fire is already worth thousands of dollars. Our team provides an immediate action plan according to the severity of deterioration. It is our job to complete the restoration work in minimal time so you can return to the comfort of your home.

Equipment Used In A Clean Up
Make sure that the company or contractor you hire for the job has the following basic equipment for restoration of fire damage. It is also a smart choice if the team is certified with IICRC for a well-organized execution of restoration plan because of in-practice training. Here are a couple of tools which will be used during the restoration process.

● Dehumidifiers
● Air movers
● Portable air scrubber
● Mold stain removers
● Air mounted vacuums
● Accuracy meters to measure level of moisture
● High performance water extraction system
● Dust and smoke barrier system
● Barrier suits and protection equipment for workers

Removal of smoke odor, from carpets, draperies, curtain and other kind of fabrics is the trickiest part of the job. You might get the house cleaned and the damage repaired but getting rid of the noxious smell is challenging. Sometimes the odor stays because the nook and corners of your house are still contaminated and have not been cleaned properly. We make sure that all the work done is properly and check it against the standard criteria so your house returns to normal living conditions.

If you have been lucky enough not to have gone through the fire yourself but know someone who has, tell them about us immediately. A lot of people do not know about fire damage restoration companies. Its best to educate them and recommend us to people whose properties underwent serious fire incident. Your guidance will help them in time of stress.

Our Emergency Services are open 27/7 so no matter when tragedy strikes, you can call us right away and we’ll visit within 30 minutes.

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